Gonzo Justice

As I wrote to old co-troublemaker Dick Corten the other day, I am as astonished as anyone that it could come to pass that I actually feel a shred of respect for former Attorney General John Ashcroft, given that he displayed more honor in a hospital bed than the rest of the Bush regime in the sack with the Christian Right and the Great Corporate Tit. Leave it to someone as thoroughly unprincipled as current A.G. Gonzales, the worst lapdog in that office since Ed Meese, to elevate Ashcroft to “decent” status.

Then again, I thought, I’m not sure if Gonzo is purely without principle, or if he is simply so vastly unqualified for, incompetent at, and ignorant of the demands and responsibilities of the positon he now holds, as to seem unprincipled.

As I wrote to Br’er Corten, Alberto strikes me more than anything these days as the Fredo Corleone of the Bush family.

But now that I ruminate on it, Fredo with a significant difference, a distinction that is keeping him in office, maintained there in the face of an impending Senate vote of no confidence and almost universal contempt: His blind, unquestioning loyalty to Bush and all that Bush desires and stands for.

Getting to the point: Bush will never cashier Gonzo because there is no one else remotely qualified to be ratified as A.G. whom Bush could similarly trust not to prosecute (let alone actively cover up) the host of illegal acts committed by Rove, Cheney, and the whole gang of merry pranksters now having frolic with the Constitution in the West Wing.

Gonzales’ position is as guaranteed as the fact that Bush will pardon everybody on his Christmas card list come December, 2008.


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