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February 14, 2009

The Repubs — I call them that because they refuse to use the word “Democratic” in referring to the Democratic Party, but insist like pouty kindergarteners on using the political nyah-nyah version, “Democrat” — are piling it on Barak, of course, because it’s been what, 24 days now?, and yet the economy still soareth not. 


A lot of this is, to be sure, merely “political positioning,” AKA betting on the collapse.  Some on the Left might call using the media to cheerlead for the total economic downdraft of the country an act of treason — but only if the Left had its own cutthroat version of Anne Coulter, and apparently we’re not that ready to abandon all vestiges of dignity.  


What I continue to puzzle and marvel over (alternatingly) is  why and how Republicans are, and  manage to stay, so perpetually angry, regardless of what the empirical political situation may be.  Dem president and mixed Congress?  They’re pissed.  GOP president and mixed Congress?  Still pissed.  Every political power base (legislative, executive, judicial), in the most powerful nation in the history of the world, controlled to the point of near ownership by the GOP?  Couldn’t be more pissed.  


In a certain number of cases, of course, it’s mostly an act, and that’s in the literal sense, i.e. a performance.  Ceertainly Limbaugh falls into that category, and I guess Hannity, although I cannot speak with any assurance because I haven’t listened to any of these clowns since, I don’t know, the days of Billyball?  The despicable Coulter more or less qualifies, as a kind of Sociopathic Conservatism for Dummies contract hack. 


And it strikes me that at its heart, the TRRP (Talk Radio Republican Constinuency) is only secondarily about ideology, and primarily about smoldering resentment.  These people are furious!  And that seems to be much more than just a description; indeed, almost, at this point, a raison d’etre.  The GOP has got to the point where it no longer bases its appeal on measured and persuasive reason; it plays on and to that segment of the population which for reasons, deserved or not, has a chip on its shoulder the size of a Buick.


And I suspect that that is a major contributing factor to the logjams that have bedeviled both Sacramento and D.C. lately–that the GOP has become the party of angry hostility, a party that systematically elects to office, when it can, people who are, quite openly, not so concerned with governing as they are with keeping someone else from doing so, people who are primarily concerned with getting even, with being combative, with Not Losing, or with some equally petty and hostile approach to life which translates politically into a spiteful and sullen intransigence.


Uh oh.  Have you been reading this?  Uh huh.  Well, yeah, I know, but you see, this is why I don’t post more often.  Who needs one more bitter diatribe?  Please accept my apologies.