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July 14, 2009

Why?  Just tell me.  Why are the Dems letting the GOP shitslingers get away with this imbecilic notion that she is somehow unfit for the Courte Majeur because she was part of a decision involving firefighters that was reversed by the Supes, 5-4?  By that dazzlingly insipid logic, the four dissenting justices are unfit to be on the court.  But don’t kid yourself: If Jeff TheStromThermondofhistime Sessions could wave a wand, all four would all be safely removed from the Court to some some pleasant minimum security retirement facility.  


And the whole notion of her Latina…jeez, I don’t know, “upbringing” seems too stilted and incomplete, and “heritage” is just nonsense any more…but in any case the fact that she was raised Latina and would somehow view the world through a prism described by and modeled upon her life experiences is tossed into the air as evidence that she would be somehow prejudiced on that basis, a neat little take which implicitly assumes that the six white European-American upper-middle-class male justices aren’t just somehow free of similar prejudice, which would be laughable enough in itself, but which somehow presumes that the abovementioned white Euro-Amer upper-mid-class male is the standard and cultural norm.  It’s not just one particular view of the world, it’s The World.  Deviations therefrom will be evaluated for admission to the Power Circle based on individual circumstances and political realities.

My fantasy–and this is vicious and mean-spirited and in many ways unpardonable but it’s there, so–is that Clarence Thomas passes away (or, being a softhearted liberal, I’ll be glad to have retire suddenly, or have a debilitating stroke, or just wander off into a cornfield and never be heard of again), so that there is an open seat that is either (a) a conservative seat, or (b) an African American seat, depending on which demographic bloc you cast your lot with.  The GOP would, to placate its base, have to essentially take the position that the Court should be lily white.

 I just love what the right wing is doing to itself, which is described by a popular but anatomically impossible obscenity.  I’m just happy to be here to watch.



July 1, 2009

Don’t you hate it when you come up with some tasty little one-liner, some piece of quotable verbal confection or t-shirt-worthy bon mot or pithy epithet (which itself sounds almost contrivedly gay, but that’s neither here nor there) and then some element of the major media just yanks it out from under you?  Well, of course you do.

No wonder, then, that I am so disgruntled.  I was all primed to post this great headline — CNN: CELEBRITIES, NOT NEWS — followed by a rant about how CNN’s purportedly all-politics afternoon show “The Situation Room” was currently all Michael Jackson all the time.  Mind you, on this same news day, US troops were leaving Iraq cities, Minnesota was finally getting a second senator, and the world’s 7th largest economy, California, was heading into the commode.  And so help me God, not a word  was uttered on the Situation Room that was not about the life, death, burial, remembrance, flakiness, legacy, reputation, white cell count, favorite color, and impact of Jacko on the lives of approximately 250 people whose only significance is that you hope never to meet them.  And in this planned post I would go on and on along these tedious lines, but would pay off the piece with this killer closer.  

“Of course, one has to make an allowance for the tremendous grief that has engulfed those at CNN, the almost physically painful impact of a harsh, but unforgiving truth which naturally leaves them sobbing with woe:  There’s no way Michael Jackson can die more than once.

I admit it,I fairly wallowed in that line when it occurred to me.  And then, before I could render it mine by virtue of e-print, the vipers at The Daily Show used it virtually word for word (M.J. “can only die once,” I think).  

It’s a jungle in here.