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For when both you and I have absolutely nothing better to do

March 29, 2010

I’ve had several reasonably clever and amusing one-liners come to mind in the last few days, but because I no longer carry a notepad to jot these gems (or mental stool samples, depending on your judgmentalism) down and because me memory is even worse than I vaguely recall that it used to be, they are mostly evaporated into the mists of time, nonny nonny.  But in lieu of valuable reflections, here are three notes.

The battle lines are being drawn for the big vote this November on legalizing pot in the  (Acapulco) Golden State, and guess which side the big growers up in Humboldt County’s “green triangle” are throwing in with.  That’s right: they oppose legalization, because a pot farm in every doper’s backyard in California would so eviscerate their sales projections as to cause repo men to begin haunting their 12-car garages like hyenas.

I listen to Spanish radio more and more these days.  Several reasons.  (1)  I don’t speak but a half dozen words of the language, so am absolutely deaf to all commercials and aggravating news breaks.  And over time, that seemingly pitiful trumpet-guitar-accordion sound begins to sound almost palatable.

The largest single donor to the pro-legalization camp in the big upcoming California pot vote, by the way, is George Zimmer, the same guy who founded and ramrods and does all the radio spots for the Men’s Wearhouse chain.  Of course, all the local comics will be trying to wring out plays on his classic slogan: “You’ll like the way you look — I guarantee it.”  Oh yeah, you can try “You’ll like the way you feel” or “You’ll like the way you toke” or “You’ll like to play your hookah” but I promise you, there’s nothing there.  Sorry.