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June 9, 2010


I voted for Orly Taitz yesterday, and could not be more proud.  Orly Taitz is, almost certainly, a borderline delusional who has hitched her “Political Stardom or Bust” wagon to the hypothesis that Obama was not born in Hawaii and is not therefore blah blah blah.  

She is seriously unhinged, and has been running as a Republican candidate (a possible redundancy) for, um, I think attorney general, but frankly I didn’t pay that much attention to the elective office in question because the whole point was to get this incredible nutcake onto the ballot on behalf of the GOP.  

Now right at about this point, I imagine that many of my scads of blog followers are wondering, with dubious looks on their face(s), “How would a notoriously unapologetic lefty like yourself be in a position to vote the Republican ballot in a state primary?”  

Well, now that you ask, that’s because when I moved to my current home some 34 years ago, I was fresh from a residence in an anarchist collective in Berkeley.  As a sort of ideological penance or counterbalance to my having moved to placid, apolitical, uninvolved El Cerrito, I had it in mind to form an organization, existing only in my mind, called Republicans For Communism.  Oh boy would real Republicans (of which, officially and legitimately, I was one) go absolutely ape!

But then other things happened and I never got around to organizing or even giving serious thought (as opposed to satirical thought) to the notion again.

  Note:  This was an entire generation before the age of the Internet, of course, and today setting up such an organization, with its own website and cybernetic legitimacy, wouldn’t take a computer pro more than the time to fry an egg.  Such was not the case back then, alas.   Nevertheless, I’m still registered GOP, mostly for the theatrical possibilities, although the sheer volume of automated political calls over the past few days makes it very tempting to re-register as something on the order of Rosicrucian or Whig, just to avoid the onslaught of rightwing drivel that cascades over me at such times as this.

But I digress.  The point is that now and then my GOP reg enables me to have at least a minuscule influence on the party of wealth and anger and xenophobia.  Just a bit of snotty symbolism, of course, but you play the hand you’re dealt.  In any case, the very notion of the Taitzer on the ticket with Meg and The Other Broad gave the Republicans the absolute lightning shits, and although Orly, being almost flagrantly out of her mind, was soundly whipped by her opponent, at least I’ve done what I can.  I voted.  I am a citizen.